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The Top 10 Most Unique Items We Crated and Shipped in 2018

At Freight Buddy, we help pack and ship dozens of items for our customers every single day. However, once in a while an item comes through our warehouse that we can’t help but stop and ogle at. Not only are these items incredibly challenging and rewarding to work with, they’re also a good representation of the wide array of things we can pack and ship for you and your business. The following are our choices for the Top 10 most unique items that we crated and shipped in 2018.

10. This professional clay mixer

Shipped: January 2, 2018

Where to: Texas

Fun fact: The first clay potter’s wheel was invented in ancient Mesopotamia over 6,000 years ago. This really cool professional clay mixer is quite a bit newer. We’re not sure what kinds of amazing things they’re going to make with it, but we’re sure glad we were able to get it to them fast and in one piece.

9. A Beautiful Hope Chest

Shipped January 3, 2018

Where to: Washington

A hope chest is an old tradition that is symbolic of the hope in a marriage. We really hope they enjoy this beautiful piece as much as we enjoyed shipping it (sent out the very next day we might add).

8. This vibrant piece of wall art

Shipped: June 8, 2018

Where to: California

This breathtaking oversized acrylic wall art was done by the one and only Lily Wood. You can check out some of her other work by visiting her Etsy page:

7. An antique Chinese painting table

Shipped: June 15, 2018

Speaking of art, this early 19th century Chinese painting table is a true masterpiece. It’s made from Elmwood and has giant’s arm braces and—if you look closely enough—horse hoof feet. There are even traces of the original lacquer! It was a true honor to crate and ship this one-of-a-kind item.

6. One customer’s brass horn

Shipped: October 11, 2018

Apparently, the average French horn has over 18 feet of tubing. Fortunately, these babies were designed to be shipped. It was a breeze to pack it safely and securely and send it off on its merry way. Toodle loo!

5. This stellar Chinese daybed

Shipped: May 9, 2018

This unique 18th century low daybed comes from the Shanxi province of China. It was built with Chinese Elmwood and still bears traces of the original black lacquer finish. What a beautiful piece to add to any room. We’re glad we could do our part to help ship it safely to its new home.

4. A high-tech precision microscope

Shipped: January 5, 2018

Where to: New Jersey

We hypothesized that these top-of-the-line pieces of scientific equipment would be a cinch to ship to the East Coast. We were ultimately proven correct as our incredibly smart customers can attest! We’re still debating if the microscope looks more like a robot or a Storm Trooper though.

3. This gorgeous Mexican urn

Shipped: June 8, 2018

Where to: New Mexico

We’re sure this ornate Mexican urn will be the talking point of its new home. It looked absolutely snug as a bug all tucked into its crate. We’re just glad we were able to keep it safe and sound all throughout its journey.

2. This incredible, one-of-a-kind chair

Shipped: March 21, 2018

Where to: Illinois

This absolutely remarkable chair is based on an old Song Dynasty painting (see above). It was built for the Taiwan National Palace Museum by our very talented friends at Wharton Hunt. You can check out some of their other amazing craftsmanship at

1. This ornate German cuckoo clock

Shipped: December 18, 2018

Where to: N/A

Okay so technically we didn’t ship this amazing, handcrafted cuckoo clock anywhere. Our customer enlisted our help to securely pack this family heirloom for long-term storage, and we were happy to oblige. We just hope it comes back out someday to showcase its incredible beauty with the world.

Let Freight Buddy crate and ship your unique item

There you have it. From big and bulky professional equipment to fragile, one-of-a-kind furniture and artwork, we truly shipped it all in 2018. We’ve already packed some really interesting items this year, and we honestly can’t wait to see what comes through our doors next. If you have a large, priceless item you need packed and/or shipped, let your friends at Freight Buddy take care of every detail. You can get a free freight quote by visiting our website, or give us a toll-free call at 800.578.6009 so we can help arrange your next unique shipment today.