Freight Buddy Claims Filing

Unfortunately damage sometimes does happen. Freight Buddy is here to help you get reimbursed from the carrier. Please read through the freight claims procedures below so your claim is processed without delay.


Collect all supporting documents (See REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to the right) and take photos of damage to support claim


Claims should be filed promptly once loss or damage is discovered.

Claims should be filed online at under CLAIMS Tab (scroll to bottom of page). Freight Buddy will file claim with carrier on your behalf.

Any supporting documents can be submitted via email to

Fed Ex claims must be submitted directly to Fed Ex Claims at


Loss or damage to a shipment, which could not have been noted at time of delivery, must be reported to Freight Buddy Claims at within five (5) calendar days from date of delivery to file a claim with the carrier. The notice of loss or damage must be confirmed as an electronic communication. All merchandise should be retained in the same condition it was in when loss or damage was discovered, until inspected.


Payment of freight charges may not be delayed due to alleged loss or damage. Your claim will not be processed without full payment of your invoice. Without payment of the freight charges, the transportation contract has not been completed.

General Guidelines for Claims

Carriers have up to 30 days to acknowledge the receipt of the claim, and it can take up to 120 days to settle a claim.

Please Take Note:

Freight Buddy is your advocate and will help guide you through the claims process. Please be aware, as a third party, we have no ability to make determinations regarding claims. We are not able to influence the carrier or third party inspection company utilized in determining the carrier’s liability. Your shipments are subject to the terms and conditions of the carrier’s rules tariff. For additional information, please also reference the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Rules Regarding Claims.

Amounts paid are decided by the carrier. We strive to negotiate the maximum amount per pound by the carrier, yet the total payment amount may vary from the shipment value.

In certain cases, Freight Buddy may direct the customer to file a claim directly with the freight carrier in order to achieve the best possible reimbursement. If that is the case, we will advise the customer on the proper steps to ensure timely and fair compensation from a claim.