"PartsBrokerDirect’s shipping partner [Freight Buddy] has saved me time and money. I enter my information on their site and they give me a list with pricing and I choose the cheapest one, it’s that easy. I have saved at least 10-15% on shipping my idle parts that I have sold through PartsBrokerDirect so far. They are familiar with the auto industry so they know how to handle my shipments and they always show up on time."
Banks Chevrolet - Concord, NH
Dave Corcoran, Parts Manager
"I’ve been able to use PartsBrokerDirect and their shipping partner [Freight Buddy] to sell and ship parts I’ve had in the back for more than 8 years. It’s been helpful to get rid of that stuff. I was able to ship doors and other large collision-type parts on three different shipments. I went through and priced it through a competitor, to compare the savings on shipments, and I saved about $150 on each pallet that I shipped. So, everything is going good."
Bradford Motors - Edna, Texas
"Freight Buddy has made our shipping department more efficient with the ease of quoting and scheduling a pick up . Freight Buddy has helped our Dealerships bottom line with savings on each and every shipment . The personnel at Freight Buddy are personable and helpful, I believe they have the customers best interest in mind by providing the services and support when needed . Thank you Bob and the Freight Buddy team!"
Broadway Ford-Hyundai - Green Bay, WI
Kevin Mastey, Parts Manager
"We use Freight Buddy to ship to all of our customers including Canada. FB is not only is super cheap, but super quick!"
Pilot Engines - Minneapolis, MN
Deanne Williams, Manager
"Using freight buddy is such an easy and awesome experience ... I’ve always been hesitant to online freight, but when i had a question i can call and get an answer, when i needed on time delivery, freight buddy nailed it. "They also nailed the price too...i don’t even think twice about the competition...saves me time so i can make more beer money, its a done deal!"
DP Parker, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
"Freight Buddy is a powerful addition to the RepairCenter ToolStore." "By offering the Freight Buddy add-on in the ToolStore, [Body Repair] shops will have the ability to schedule and track a shipment through their RepairCenter workspace, saving thdiv time and effort.”
Mitchell - San Diego, CA
Brian Elmi, Senior Manager of Product Managdivent
"Freight Buddy’s customer service and pricing far exceed any other logistical company I’ve used in the past and I’ll continue to use thdiv for all my LTL needs."
Quirk Motorsports - Bangor, ME
Rebecca Quirk
"We’ve used Freight Buddy for several years and couldn’t be happier. Their service is always reliable and the website makes comparing shipping rates and setting up delivery fast and easy. When we need assistance somebody on the FB team is always available to help. Freight Buddy is an invaluable tool for our company.”
Matt Dart, Owner Blackfish Inc.
I have found this company to be easy and efficient for my shipping needs. If I have a problem, which is rare, Stephanie at Freight Buddy has been quick to step in and take over, sitting my mind at ease. Prices are better than a lot of other competitors and we trust them with the care of our delicate product.
Tameka Waller – Office Manager
Kitchen Kandy Custom Range Hoods.
Freight Buddy has been a fantastic resource for us as a small business. We are able to get fast and accurate quotes immediately for our customers no matter where they are in the US. The online tool means we can provide our customers with shipping costs 24/7. But most amazing is the customer support. Freight Buddy is always happy to assist with any questions about packing, any date changes and last-minute issues we have had and they treat us like we are just as important as a huge company. We continue to use Freight Buddy for all our LTL orders and are so happy we found this great resource.
Lars Noah – Owner
Lanoba – Danish Vintage Design
Jesery City, NJ
Over the past ten years I have been limited in the size and weight of the custom furniture that my company, mr2 Woodworking, could produce due the extremely high shipping costs. I was contacted by Freight Buddy approximately 6 months ago and I decided to let them bid on a project that was being shipped. The price quoted was extremely competitive and I decided to ship the three- carton pallet with them to New York. The results were excellent. They picked up the large pallet and delivered it on time and within the price quoted. My client was also very pleased with the delivery service provided. I now use Freight Buddy on over 40% of my shipments. Because of the safe and reliable support, fast response in providing quotes, competitive prices and expanded shipping capabilities, I was able to increase my product line and revenue base to include larger and heavier custom-made pieces of furniture that I would never have considered in the past! My sales revenue for this year has already increased by over 25%! Thank you, Freight Buddy, for the service and expanded business capabilities you are providing!
Rick Ricks-Owner/Craftsman
mr2 Woodworking
Oneonta, AL