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Do you need a buddy in the LTL freight shipping business? We are pleased to offer your company a freight scheduling and brokerage service that we think you’ll love. Freight Buddy is tailored to provide freight quotation and scheduling services for dealers, shops, ebay sellers, or anyone that needs to ship something that is too big, bulky, or heavy for standard parcel shippers.

Unlike most on-line shipping brokers or your local carrier, Freight Buddy has negotiated rates with America's top carriers to provide instant, simple, and on-time shipping services. Freight Buddy may not always have the lowest cost for local intra-state shipments, but the farther the distance, the more savings you will realize. And while you will like our rates, we think you will love how easy it is to schedule a shipment. Here’s how it works:

Go to › www.freightbuddy.com

  • Choose the date when you would like to ship your product (FB does not let you ship more than one week out because rates may change).
  • Enter the origin zip code
  • Enter the destination zip code
  • Choose the quantity of pieces you are shipping (HINT: one pallet of stuff equals one piece)
  • Choose a specific industry (i.e. automotive, marine) by clicking from one of the options on the drop-down menu.
        If the shipment is contained within a standard pallet, simply enter the weight.
        If it is a large part(s) that does not fit on a conventional pallet, simply enter the maximum dimensions of the unit you wish to ship.
  • If you have something that you want to ship that is not listed and you know its NMFC number, choose from the "Do It Myself" at the bottom of the Industry drop-down.
        Once chosen simply enter the dimensions, weight and NMFC number and Freight Buddy will do the rest.
  • If you do not know the NMFC number, that is okay, Freight Buddy is here to help! Simply call us at 800.578.6009 and we will research the specific freight class that best matches your shipment.
  • Next, click CALCULATE FREIGHT and Freight Buddy will offer several carriers that you can choose from. If you like what you see, you can either schedule the shipment with a credit card or you can establish an account with Freight Buddy. Once you have completed the easy and quick steps - print off your custom made Bill of Lading form and affix it to your shipment or send it to your vendor to affix to their shipment.
  • Freight Buddy will schedule your shipment for the same day pick-up if submitted before 1:00 pm (sometimes later depending on the carrier and days shipment volumes) from the shipping address time zone, or the next day if after 1:00 pm.
  • If you chose, Freight Buddy will confirm with email when your shipment is scheduled for pick-up.
  • Presto! You are done. Now go relax... we will take care of the rest.